Goodwill Mission Covid-19 Relief Activities

The world has drastically changed within only a few months. We, as individuals and as a nation, are fighting against Covid-19. We are devising strategies to bring an end to the spread and threat of this virus. People are coping with depression, anxiety, financial crisis, hunger, domestic violence and so on. We go to bed not knowing what tomorrow holds. We are looking for answers to our questions and to untangle our minds to make sense. Peace is nowhere to be found.

But let us focus on what CAN BE DONE… we can become the channels of peace givers for the most affected ones such are homeless people, beggars, migrant workers, daily wagers and marginalized families.

Our organisation Snehan is focusing its support to the neglected disabled old and sick homeless people.

We provide food packs and basic toiletry items:

Each care package contains per day…

  1. Tomato Rice
  2. Lemon Rice
  3. Vegetable Curry

The costs of each package, Rs. 50/- Every day we distribute 100 packs.

Once a weekly basic toiletry package cost Rs.50/-

  1. Bathing soap
  2. Cloth washing soap
  3. Shampoo pockets
  4. Toothpaste and brush

Our team very much appreciates your support.

Any amount helps. Please make a donation to:



A/c No: 005601029727

IFSC Code: ICIC0000056

ICICI Bank. Pondicherry Branch.


For any queries do call us at +91 8124725737