About us

Snehan is an initiative project born at kanthari in 2017. We works with the homeless, disabled, old and sick people who are living in the street without employment and basic needs. Lack of employment and family acceptance forced a person as a homeless vagabond in the streets.

The main aim of the organization is to see a Pondicherry were no individuals goes to sleep with empty stomach and no individuals walks on the streets without anyone’s care and support.

With the motive of uplifting the downtrodden in the society, we have started the organization called Goodwill Mission. The focus of the organization is to bring value and acceptance in the life of homeless people through advocacy, awareness campaigns, as well as to empower them through skill trainings and employment. To the neglect old and sick home based care and support until the end of their life.


We envision a culture where deprived homeless people are accepted, valued, loved and live together as normal human begins in the society.


To facilitate the integration of the homeless into the community through advocacy campaigns and skill training.

Our Core Values:

Most important principles of every organization are their values and ethics. Snehan stands on a values, for  the donors, beneficiaries and staff.

Towards Donors:

  • Responsible: As an organization, we would be responsible to our donors.
  • Reliable: As an organization and as an individual we will be reliable to our donors.
  • Accountable: In all the aspect we as an organization and individuals, will be accountable to our donors.

Towards Beneficiaries:

  • Equality: In Snehan everyone will be treated equally.
  • Empathy: Snehan will be working with different kinds of people with different situations. Our approach will be with understanding.
  • Acceptance: Snehan will accept and work with street people without any discrimination.

Towards Staff & Volunteers:

  • Equality: All the staff and volunteers will be treated equally at Snehan.
  • Dedicative: Snehan would expect every Staff & Volunteers to be dedicated in their respected work and to the organization.
  • Simplicity: Snehan works with humble people on streets, to make them feel more comfortable and friendly, we as an organization and individuals will practice simplicity.