Little steps towards Mr.Poopathi’s happiness

Mr. Poopathi 61 years old man, once was homeless and helpless. He lived on the streets by means of charity. Loneliness, depression and threat of life was hunted him every movement of his street life. Five years back, he was rehabilitated from street life by Snehan, trained him in income-generation activities and was given employment and shelter. This changed his way of life; he became more responsible towards his work and faithful towards Snehan organization. Once, he didn’t have any ID of his own but now he has Aadhaar Card on his name, and bank account to save the earnings of labor. Of course this change of his character didn’t happen in a day or month but few years. Patients gives its fruit’s on its time. Snehan is happy to bring a change in the life of Mr.Poopathi. We are striving to reach many more homeless on the streets…

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