Wine has drowned more men than the sea

“Wine has drowned more men than the sea”    –THOMAS FULLER-.

A woman comes back home, hungry and exhausted after a long day of work. Two of her kids are also hungry and crying for food. A little while later the mother opens her cupboard to pick up some money to buy provisions for a family meal but she finds only the empty money purse. Can the money be safe, if you live with an alcoholic person? What would be the priority for a drug addict, family, or his happiness?

drunk man sleeping in the gutter in the mid-day
drunk man sleeping in the gutter in the mid-day

Pondicherry is a tourist place, where people come to enjoy their holidays with cheap and best food and liquor. The more affected ones are the local men. Thousands of family women suffer all through their life because of their husbands who are addicted to alcohol. The family women are pressured to survive along with their kids. They can’t feed their kids, have no proper clothes nor shelter, huge struggle in giving education, many kids are school dropouts. These men coolly drink and drink and die before their time. The victim is the family woman and her kids. Who will take care of them?

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