Should the poor be poor?

Raju (name changed) 74 years old man struggles for his survival. Within a few hours of his birth, his mother died. Within two years his father married other women and separated Raju from his grandma, his only hope grandma too died when he was 10 years of age. Raju left alone and desperate for parental love and care, luckily one of his aunties came to help him in finding a hostel school. Raju felt alone in life, every month his peer’s parents used to come to visit their children with good food and eatables but for Raju no one. His loneliness never hindered his studies, he hardened his emotions and concentrated more on his studies. Successfully completed his schooling and college with a scholarship. But the society failed to recognize his hard work and his qualification. He failed almost in every attempt to get a government job, finally landed up in one Christian school, where they paid him a penny, he struggled for his survival all through his life. His Highest paid salary in 2007 was Rs.5000/-, he struggled even for basic needs. I feel, the society failed to understand him and the school treated him as worthless. His poverty life, could not give him the joy of family. In all his life he eats only hotel food. What a miserable life? If you were to be in his place, what you would have done? Injustice…

Snehan stands with such kind of people in society; we are helping him in whatever way possible. Hope to give a small job in Snehan, and help him to live a comfortable life, till his death.

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